Working with JACK Quartet

I’m out at University of Iowa this week working with JACK quartet.  I’ve known most of them since school and it’s really a pleasure to finally be making music with them.  There’s really nothing they can’t do.  Their technical and expressive prowess is both humbling and inspiring.  They’re also an easy and fun hang.

We’re premiering a new piece I wrote for them plus me called Tongues in Trees.  The title is from a Shakespeare quote about the glory and inspiration of nature.  Alan Sener is a dance professor here at the university and he as choreographed a dance for the work.  It’s about 17 minutes long and in two movements.  The first is pretty mechanized in nature and I play a lot of IDM type stuff on drumset.  The second movement is quite lyrical and fluid and I play marimba.

I’m still hobbling around a lot.  See THIS.  But getting better.  Anyway, it’s going to be a great week.

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