Spring 2011

I’ve been on sabbatical this spring. I’ve used the time wisely. First I made two new recordings of solo marimba music, The Solo Marimba Commissions, Volume 1, and Super Marimba 3. Equilibrium records is releasing the first one. It’s primarily an online release, and will be available on itunes, etc, soon. The second one will find a home later this year.

I also finished a big piece for the NYU Steelband called Kids. Then I wrote a 20-minute work for Alarm Will Sound called METADRUM. AWS will premier METADRUM this summer at the Mizzou festival. It’s basically a double percussion concerto for me and Chris Thompson and at times the entire band turns into a giant drum.

Finally, I’ve been hard at work on my book about triathlon. Working title is Age Grouper: Swimming, Biking, and Running to a Life of Quiet Triumph. It’s about the various challenges and experiences we age groupers go through. I’ve conducted scores of interviews with various age groupers, as well as some of the legends of triathlon, including Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and Joe Friel. I’m pretty excited about this project. Hopefully it will be published next year some time.

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