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Gdtretr i:

Iíve always been fascinated with different cultures and foreign music. My creative work and my ongoing study of various world music cultures are closely related in this regard; I often compose to try to create that magical sense of wonder I experience when I hear something entirely different. One night I had a dream that I was traveling in a strange and cursed land where a savage, bestial creature exists, the Gdtretr i. In my dream they appeared humanoid, though huge, imposing, and disgusting. They spent their nights engaged in a savage ritual, beating drums with bones, blowing through horns, and crashing metal plates together. Iíve attempted to replicate the sounds of that ritual by scoring Gdtretr i for a large percussion ensemble, piano, and two bass trombones. John Beck premiered this piece with the Eastman School of Music Percussion Ensemble in the Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York in 2001.