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The principal motive in Rudra is heard in the first few measures.  The entire piece is based on this idea of compression, acceleration, and intensification.  I used a variety of compositional devices to give some structure to what I was hearing, including augmentation, diminution, the Fibonacci series, palta variations (a kind of mathematical factorial operation used in Hindustani music), canonic relations, and hocketing.   Some elements of vernacular rock and roll are present, a respectful nod to the musical interests of most developing percussionists.  The title comes from the Vedic god Rudra, the god of the roaring storm, a fierce entity of destruction.  (And also the name of one of the best metal bands in the world . . . )  I wrote Rudra during my time in Bhopal, India, when I was studying Dhrupad with the Gundecha Brothers.  Rudra is dedicated to Richard Landauer, without whom I never would have set out on this life-long journey in music.

—Payton MacDonald, 2013