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Concerto for Quintet, Orchestra, and Audience, concerto for quintet (flute, violin, viola, cello, percussion) and full orchestra:

I composed Concerto for Quintet, Orchestra, and Audience  as a commission from Classical Jam and the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras.  Each of the five members of Classical Jam (flute, violin, viola, cello, and percussion) are given short cadenzas.  The quintet also has several passages where they play as one.  They asked me to write them something fast and virtuosic, so I didn’t hold back.  The soloists explore the outermost reaches of the instruments’ ranges and colors, and are often blazingly fast.   Because of the number of soloists and Classical Jam’s formidable virtuosity, the orchestra part mostly takes on a supporting role, though the brass and percussion each get to come forward in the middle of the piece. Also, the concert at which this piece was premiered had an “Eastern-influenced” theme, so much of the musical material is drawn from my study of North Indian Hindustani classical music.

In some performances additional people may join the orchestra on stage and read various texts.  The texts are chosen by the individuals and are important to each of them in some way.  The readers create a babbling, murmuring texture.  Additionally, the audience may contribute to the overall soundscape of the work in several instances by snapping their fingers, rubbing their hands together, and humming a drone note.  All of these actions bring the music closer to the audience, hopefully encouraging a significant musical experience for them.